Saturday, 16 May 2015

Vintage Bazaar at Frome

Hi bloggers, we have had such a wonderful spontaneous day today that it reminded me why I started this blog, to share with you our love of Vintage and bargain hunting! Today we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Frome in Somerset to attend their Vintage Bazaar and Giant Jumble sale at the Cheese & Grain. A few weeks back we were debating taking an overnight trip to Somerset to go to the event but we never got round to finalising the plans. So on Friday evening we decided to take the drive (3 hours!) on Saturday morning so we could top up our stash of vintage loveliness and from the picture above you can probably guess that it was well worth it!

The Cheese & Grain in Frome, Somerset

The Cheese & Grain is a wonderful venue, with a great big hall with plenty of room to stack those piles high with lace, fabrics, crockery and bric-a- brac.

So let's take a closer look at what we bought......

We got a great big bag of broken pearl necklaces for £6, perfect for our crafty projects. Some even still have the old vintage clasps on as well - lots of potential!

 These beautiful postcards were a must, once again I see lots of uses for these gorgeous girls!

Buttons, lace and books....

lots more books! 
These books are actually coming in handy for a very special occasion coming up soon... my sister's wedding. These books will be taking centre stage in the middle of the tables, topped with a can of flowers and a Paris postcard. Keep an eye out for my wedding inspiration posts coming up over the next month as I will have lots to share with you!

We got this stack of mis-matched vintage crockery for a rock bottom £3 - great value - perfect for summer tea parties!

lots of lovely lace....

With our arms crammed full of bags, we thought it would be wise to head back to the car to unload and then take a stroll around the town centre of Frome. We got a tip off from one of the stallholders that there was a street called 'Catherine Hill' (no lie about the hill - it was steep!) which is full of vintage shops and no kidding, I don't think I've ever seen that many vintage shops lined up one after the other.

 Catherine Hill Street

I think my favourite out of them all had to be 'Donna May Vintage' which was laid out beautifully with vintage clothing and accessories with a wedding boudoir at the back of the shop. Mum described it as an old fashioned Biba shop, definitely one to check out if you're in the area.

So all in all a fabulous day, even if it was a 6 hour round trip, sometimes you just have to be spontaneous!





Saturday, 2 May 2015

Vintage Cardmaking Workshop Summary

Hi bloggers, its been a while since our last post which was all about our Vintage Cardmaking Workshop and now two workshops later I want to suumarise it all in one blog post. First of all I just want to thank everyone that attended on either class or both! We appreciate your support so much and will continue to teach these classes as long as you all want to continue to attend.

So as usual we prep all the kits to make the class as easy as possible and more importantly as relaxing as possible!

Getting stuck in....

 The haberdashery kits were all quite unique due to the variety of the papers in the Tonic Studios paper pack that I used, compared to the Paris kit where most of the cards used the same papers. I took a few photos of the results of the day so you can see the variety amongst some of the cards (please excuse the photos this time round....not as professional as one would have hoped.... but still you get the idea).

 So as you can see from the results, everyone did amazingly well with some beautiful cards to give to friends and family. Although I know most of those that attended want to keep the cards for themselves and I don't blame them!

If you fancy attending a Vintage Follie workshop, keep an eye on our Workshops page for the next workshop coming your way soon!