Sunday, 31 July 2011

Vintage Scrapbook Take Two

Hey bloggers, it was the last of our scrapbook workshops at the weekend and I have to say all in all a very good day. However these past few weeks have been tiring and I think we are both starting to feel the strain. Good news is that we are now planning our next two craft days which are planned for September and November so keep tuned for news on that. We are trying to come up with a project or series of technique classes that will be money savvy and interesting to the masses and with the help of some of the feedback sheets we got from our previous workshop we will hopefully come up with something genius. Give it time and we will get there.

Anyway here are a few pictures of some of the books that were made over the past two workshops. I may also post some more pictures during the week as we are hosting another evening this week for everyone who wants to complete their books.

Beautiful vintage book by Lynne

I absolutely love the old clock keys Lynne has used in her book

Next up is Jen's scrapbook with a cool grungepaper flower on the front which I will show you how to make later on this week.

Finally Sue's animal scrapbook, purrfect!
The best thing about hosting these workshops is seeing people's faces once they've completed the project. They are so proud of what they have achieved and we always tell them that we are just here to guide you and provide examples but its them that are doing the hard work so well done to everyone who attended. Also a massive thank you for coming and supporting us, we just love teaching you guys and are always interested in hearing you're input.

Until next time.............

Sue & Sarah

Thursday, 28 July 2011

CHA Top 10

Hey bloggers, so after checking out all the new releases me and mum have finally compiled a list of our top 10 new releases. Check this out......
10. Pink Paislee Phantom Clear Stamps (8" x 8")

Includes 24 clear stamps
9. Pink Paislee Mistables Wood Shadowbox Frame

Overall dimensions are approx 11" x 13.5" and inner dimensions are 7" x 9"
Mistables are high quality craft products that work perfectly with misting sprays and inks. This frame is perfect for creating a christmas shadowbox to showcase little trinkets and memories from the holidays. The frame also includes 2 little hooks so you can hang little decorations inside the boxes.

8. Prima Shabby Chic Treasures and New Tools

The bottom half of the above picture shows the preview of the new shabby chic resins that prima are releasing and I just can't wait to use these on a scrapbooking project. They can be coloured by misting sprays or even distress inks, can't wait to get my hands on them!

7. Tim Holtz Storage Cases

These storage cases are an excellent reason for tidying up after crafting, holding all your Tim Holtz ideology products and distress inks and stains. They will also look amazing sitting on your shelf.

6. Prima ROMANTIQUE Art Tiles

These beautiful tiny tiles by Prima would look excellent on a canvas project and also on a scrapbook page.

5. Tim Holtz Bird Cage

This bird cage has a removable back so that you can include a picture in the back and also add embellishments for a beautiful holiday trinket that can be hung in a configuration box or even the new Pink Paislee shadow box.

4. Graphic 45 Christmas Emporium

These beautiful papers would look amazing on any christmas project and if you have time to check out any of the videos on YouTube, take a look at all the different projects they've used their papers on, sooo inspiring!

3. Prima ROMANTIQUE Imagenne Stamp Set

I can't wait to get my hands on these vintage stamps. They would be perfect for creating a background to any scrapbooking page or journal and the letterpress alphabet is so cool.

2. Pink Paislee Mistables 12 x 12 Paper Pack

I'm looking forward to the release of the whole mistables pink paislee range but most of all these papers look amazing. Not only do they have beautiful vintage prints but they also have a decorative ink resist pattern underneath so that when you spray the papers with misting sprays, the pattern will resist the ink and reveal itself.

1. Tim Holtz Christmas Memories Stamp Set

This stamp set is our number 1 product release from all the products we viewed from CHA. Of course it is designed by the master, Tim Holtz. These retro images are the perfect resemblance to those old fashioned wrapping papers from the 1950's and I can't wait to start using them on christmas cards and gift items.

Well thats our round up of our favourite CHA releases, so keep an eye out for these products hitting shelves soon.

Until next time...........

Sue & Sarah

Monday, 25 July 2011

Workshop Recap

Happy Monday bloggers! So our first vintage scrapbook workshop went really well and everyone who attended seemed to really enjoy it and have fun experimenting with new techniques and effects. From scrapbooking old family memories to creating a beautiful vintage wedding scrapbook using old photographs, everybody was so different. This is what me and mum love about hosting these workshops; even though we provide examples of what sort of things they can achieve, most people have their own ideas and just go with it! At the end of the day nobody wanted to go home and just wanted to keep scrapbooking the night away. I think we may be hosting an evening workshop for everyone who needs to finish their books because it was so hard to fit all the techniques and effects into just 6 hours. But overall a huge success, so thank you to everyone who attended. There are a few pics below of the day and also of one of the books that was made on the day.

The above few pictures are from Julie B's vintage scrapbook who was also the lucky winner of our prize draw winning a chipboard book with some papers and embellishments to get her started so we hope she has fun with that project and lets us see the finish result. So that was the round up of the workshop in week 1, and we're be sure to post the results of next week's workshop.
Keep tuned during the week for mine and mum's CHA wish list after viewing all the goodies from the trade show over the weekend, so many yummy things being released soon.

Until next time..........

Sue & Sarah

Friday, 22 July 2011

Wedding Vintage Scrapbook

Hey bloggers, as promised here are a few snapshots of my wedding scrapbook, which I have to say is not quite finished yet but it gives you an overall picture of the type of design you can use when making your own wedding scrapbook. Enjoy!

Until next time....................

Sue & Sarah

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ardingly and CHA Update

Hey bloggers, well the videos are finally being uploaded on YouTube and I have checked a few videos out already and am liking what I see. I will be giving you a full CHA update a little further down.
Firstly, what did we buy at Ardingly? Well I have to say overall that we didn't buy as much as I thought and I think I was a little overwhlemed by how many stalls were there, which clearly shows that I am an Ardingly newbie! There were miles of stalls and after a while it started to get a little too much but that didn't stop us having a good look around. Below are a few pictures of the sorts of things we picked up.

Once again mum bought an array of brooches (seriously, moth to a flame!) and some beautiful linens which quite a few were claimed from the Washerwoman, who did recognise us from our previous meeting in Honiton. There are a couple of pictures below of two of my favourite pieces that we bought.

This is a beautiful vintage christmas postcard. The print is just beautiful and has a lovely gold edging, which will be perfect for our christmas projects.

My second favourite is this beautiful shoe charm, its just so quaint.

Overall I have to say that I was pretty disappointed that I didn't find that much at Ardingly. I was hoping to pick up a few household items to paint up but nothing really caught my attention and I have to say I thought the pricing was considerably high compared to some antique shops we've been in, so I have to say I definitely prefer a visit to Stable Antiques!

CHA News!
I'm so excited to report that CHA videos from the Summer show are now being uploaded to YouTube and at the moment I have mainly been watching Two Peas in a Bucket's videos since Paperclipping 4u have not uploaded yet. Anyway after a first glimpse at some of the new collections today, I am so excited for these new collections to hit the shelves in the Autumn and pray that they start shipping soon.
Who shall I start with?..................well obviously the king of craft......Mr Tim Holtz. His ideology range is to die for, with 12 inch wide tissue paper, cute little stickers for his cordial bottles and an amazing birdcage charm that has a removable back so you can fill it with little adornments or photos for your projects. Don't just take my word for it, check out the video below.

Definitely check out his website for more previews of his new products, especially his new papers and alterations lines.

Next up is Prima. I absolutely love their flowers and papers, everything is sooooooooo beautiful and yummy. They have these cute little art tiles that you can use to layer on canvas or on your scrapbooking projects, also look out for their tiny treasures, so cute! Check it out.....

Up next is Graphic 45, who have some of the most amazing paper stashes and their new releases are sooooo good, with a vintage christmas paper pad, Wizard of Oz/Halloween paper pad and also an ABC primer collection which is a sort of vintage back to school paper pad. Also check out their booth in the background, its so cool!

Finally I'm going to finish up today with October Afternoon. Now I don't usually buy a lot of theit stuff, mainly because I don't think its that widely available in the UK but I hope some of their stuff does get shipped over here, so if you're going to stock it, please let me know! Look out for their new collections, Sidewalks and Farmhouse with lovely vintage images, check it out below.............

Well thats about it for today but I'm sure I'll have a few more updates as more videos are uploaded, still waiting for paperclipping! I hope that gives you a little insight into some new products that are being released and an idea of the types of crafting we are interested in, just in case you have no idea what CHA is. Only 1 day left to get ready for our vintage scrapbook workshop, I think we are just about getting there. I should be back tomorrow with a wedding scrapbook update.

Until next time..........

Sue & Sarah

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Vintage Scrapbook: Example No. 2

Hey bloggers, me and mum have been super busy the past few days working on more examples for our vintage scrapbook workshop, beginning on Saturday. I have finished my Disneyland Paris scrapbook and have posted some photos below to give you guys a sneak peek and to let you into some brilliant tips and techniques. I have to warn you now, this is not the first Disney craft project I have done or will do in the future. I love Disney and I tend to incorporate it in most projects. Anyway...... to the scrapbook, here we go......

As you can see from the cover, I have used vintage Disney images and have stuck them on like you would find stickers on old suitcases. I also decided to add a belt to secure the book together and used an old buckle and a piece of brown trimming to make it. You will also notice that I have stitched around the stickers which enhances the vintage appearance of the book. There is a close up of the stitches below.

In these scrapbooks I haven't put much text alongside the picture because sometimes I think it can make it look a bit messy, so I usually add a small tag or ticket with key words such as 'trip' or 'journey' and then add important dates. However this is up to the individual and some text can add interest to a page.

I used a super cool technique on this page using clear embossing powder. If you stamp your image with embossing ink and then use clear embossing powder it will create a clear image. However this embossed image will act as a resist to distress ink, therefore when you blend the ink over the top, your original image will show through, creating this effect.

On this page you will notice that I have used a damask shape mask in the background, which are really good for adding interest to a plain background. I have also used crepe paper to make a round flower shape and secured it with a brad. Easy and simple embellishment.

I decided to make a pull out tag for this book and I created this by sticking two of my pages together to make the gap for the tag to pull out from. Then just stick your images to the tag and add a hinge clip so that its easier to pull the tag out, simple!

I am currently working on the wedding vintage scrapbook and it is going so well, so I can't wait to show you bloggers as soon as its finished. We're also still waiting for some CHA videos to appear on YouTube for a full review on all the new craft products being released. And tomorrow is Ardingly, starting to get super excited!

Until next time...............

Sue & Sarah

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Preparations in full swing

Hey bloggers, its the beginnings of a hectic week ahead as we prepare for the first of our vintage scrapbook  workshops and also keeping an eye on the new releases being launched at CHA. And on top of that we are both mega excited for the Ardingly antiques market on Wednesday, which may pull on our purse strings if you know what I mean. Me and mum are both busy trying to finish off our example scrapbooks to help inspire our workshop buddies on Saturday and there are a few pictures below to give a little sneak peek.

Before the week is out I am hoping that I will also be able to put together a vintage wedding scrapbook as a few of the girlies coming to the workshops have either just got married or have had family weddings recently and a wedding scrapbook would just look beautiful. So fingers crossed I can get that complete in time.

Before I sign out for the day, we would both just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has viewed our blog because we have now made it on google and are jumping up and down with excitement so THANK YOU!!!!!! Please keep viewing our blog and we hope you are enjoying our vintage journey. Remember if you like what you see don't be afraid to leave a comment or become a follower.
I will keep you posted during the week with CHA updates and all the fun of the fair at Ardingly on Wednesday.

Untilo next time........

Sue & Sarah

Thursday, 14 July 2011

CHA Excitement

Well its that time of year again for the CHA summer trade show, beginning July 19th up until July 21st. Now for those of you who are thinking, what is CHA? It is the Craft and Hobby Association and they host a craft trade show in the United States twice a year, once in January and then again in July. With hundreds of booths of all different types of crafters, it would be our idea of heaven, however the cost of travelling to the US is a little out of our reach at the moment so we will just have to make do with the CHA videos on Youtube. If your a Tim Holtz fan like us, be sure to check out his blog leading up to the trade show for sneak previews into his new products. He has already been putting up previews over the past week, with new additions to his ideology line, alterations line and stampers anonymous range. Just can't wait for it all to be shipped over here!
Another fab website to check out during the trade show is They go round to all of the booths and film mini videos of their new products and all the examples of what you can do with the products. Also these videos are of very good quality and the camera isn't shaky, unlike some homemade videos which can get a bit annoying.
So we will keep you posted with our likes and dislikes of the trade show and what products we recommend you buy in the fall.

Until next time.......

Sue & Sarah