Monday, 30 September 2013

Ditto Scrapbooking

Morning Bloggers! So I have finally found the time to a) do a bit of scrapbooking and b) write a blog post that wasn't just about our workshops!

Ditto Scrapbooking (by Hampton Art) has allowed me to care less about the way I scrapbook. I wanted something that would let me pop a photo in place, add a few simple embellishments and then done. This is a 3 ring binder scrapbook that is meant for putting in those snaps we take everyday or every week/ every month. Now I have to be honest I'm not one for taking photos all the time but its something I want to start doing so that you could build up a scrapbook full of things you've done throughout the year.

Most of these scrapbooking ideas often uptight me with what to start with. So I thought lets start with an occasion to get me going - my Graduation.

As you can see from my pages I haven't gone over the top with embellishments I just chose a range of bits to work with, e.g. graduation sticker set, a paper borders set to frame images and create lines etc. I also wanted to fill the page with some text about what I was thinking and to remember what happened on the day. Now being a very neat person I had to type it up on a computer and then stick it in. If you're not bothered about being neat and have journal type handwriting then just write straight on the page.

 This style of scrapbooking is very different to my usual vintage style projects and its something that gives me a break from thinking vintage all the time. I am an over-thinker so Ditto scrapbooking has encouraged me to think less and just capture the memories on a page, otherwise I will never get round to scrapbooking these moments.

I got my Ditto Scrapbooking binder from Crafts U Love and I am now thinking of buying a few more bits to add to my collection. The pages kit you can get includes days of the week/photo & text pages and also little plastic photo holder pages which I have still yet to use. All these elements can also be used with Smashbook products.

Below is a video of some of the new Ditto elements and will give you a glimpse into the world of Ditto!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

New Autumn Workshops

Autumn has arrived and so have new Vintage Follie workshops. September seems to have flown by and I honestly don't even know what has happened in the last month, it seems like only yesterday we hosted our Vintage Compact workshop. 

So let's dive into these workshops to give you a glimpse at what you could be making this fall.

Halloween Crafting

Decorate your home this fall with a metre of vintage Halloween bunting. These old vintage images are so easy to find on Pinterest and what better way to use them then add them to some paper bunting and adorn your living room with spooky greetings. Alongside the bunting you will also be making a mini Haunted House which I will be using the new Brenda Walton die for. I've still yet to make the house but when I do it will be on the blog for you guys to check out!

After all those Halloween Shenanigans we will be hosting Configuration of the Imagination. Back in February 2011 me and mum were honoured to meet the King of Grunge, Mr Tim Holtz and this was the project we made with him. After that amazing experience, we decided to host our own Configurations class and it was a massive success. So back by popular demand we present Configuration of the Imagination 2! 

This time you will have the choice to make an original configuration box or to make the most of the upcoming holiday season, why not choose to make a Christmas configuration box. The choice will be up to you!

More updates will be posted on the blog soon but if you want more information check out the Workshops page here.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Compact Memories Workshop Day

Hi bloggers, well today has been another amazing workshop day and I swear they get better each time we do one with everyone learning more and more techniques and bringing their own unique creativeness to the table.

To remind you all, today we were making a compact memory album using vintage make-up compacts and as usual they all turned out amazing. Featured above is mum's compact she finished this week before the workshop so I will share a few photos of the inside of mum's compact before revealing everyone's hard work today. If you're reading to get inspired for your own compact project, make yourself a cuppa now and sit back, relax and soak up the creative magic.

The first to finish their compacts were Pauline and Cathy who were both going to add photos afterwards. However this shows how you could give this as a present and let the recipient add their own photos. Great gift idea!

The next compact is Lynne's, who really made good use of all the techniques we taught that day. So pretty and vintage.

 Jen was the next to finish and I think her compact truly captured the vintage theme, check out the photo on the mirror!

Andrea's fab and colourful album was the next to be completed.

 Heidi's compact album is a lovely girly chic album ready to add photos to when she gets home.

Elle's fabulous quirky album makes great use of all the space in the album and makes a great display piece.

Aileen was new to our classes today and new to paper crafting. We think she did amazingly well and created a great keepsake.

Wow, what amazing creations! The ladies today were also lucky to not only make a compact but a fabric cuff. Check out the great photos below of all our cuffs.

All in all a fantastic day and the sunshine did come out just in time for lunch in the garden. A few photos below summarise the day and what you can expect from a Vintage Follie workshop.

I hope this post has set your creative juices flowing for the last day of the weekend to get in that craft room and create.

I will be posting shortly new workshops and dates and hopefully more posts in general!