Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ardingly and CHA Update

Hey bloggers, well the videos are finally being uploaded on YouTube and I have checked a few videos out already and am liking what I see. I will be giving you a full CHA update a little further down.
Firstly, what did we buy at Ardingly? Well I have to say overall that we didn't buy as much as I thought and I think I was a little overwhlemed by how many stalls were there, which clearly shows that I am an Ardingly newbie! There were miles of stalls and after a while it started to get a little too much but that didn't stop us having a good look around. Below are a few pictures of the sorts of things we picked up.

Once again mum bought an array of brooches (seriously, moth to a flame!) and some beautiful linens which quite a few were claimed from the Washerwoman, who did recognise us from our previous meeting in Honiton. There are a couple of pictures below of two of my favourite pieces that we bought.

This is a beautiful vintage christmas postcard. The print is just beautiful and has a lovely gold edging, which will be perfect for our christmas projects.

My second favourite is this beautiful shoe charm, its just so quaint.

Overall I have to say that I was pretty disappointed that I didn't find that much at Ardingly. I was hoping to pick up a few household items to paint up but nothing really caught my attention and I have to say I thought the pricing was considerably high compared to some antique shops we've been in, so I have to say I definitely prefer a visit to Stable Antiques!

CHA News!
I'm so excited to report that CHA videos from the Summer show are now being uploaded to YouTube and at the moment I have mainly been watching Two Peas in a Bucket's videos since Paperclipping 4u have not uploaded yet. Anyway after a first glimpse at some of the new collections today, I am so excited for these new collections to hit the shelves in the Autumn and pray that they start shipping soon.
Who shall I start with?..................well obviously the king of craft......Mr Tim Holtz. His ideology range is to die for, with 12 inch wide tissue paper, cute little stickers for his cordial bottles and an amazing birdcage charm that has a removable back so you can fill it with little adornments or photos for your projects. Don't just take my word for it, check out the video below.

Definitely check out his website for more previews of his new products, especially his new papers and alterations lines.

Next up is Prima. I absolutely love their flowers and papers, everything is sooooooooo beautiful and yummy. They have these cute little art tiles that you can use to layer on canvas or on your scrapbooking projects, also look out for their tiny treasures, so cute! Check it out.....

Up next is Graphic 45, who have some of the most amazing paper stashes and their new releases are sooooo good, with a vintage christmas paper pad, Wizard of Oz/Halloween paper pad and also an ABC primer collection which is a sort of vintage back to school paper pad. Also check out their booth in the background, its so cool!

Finally I'm going to finish up today with October Afternoon. Now I don't usually buy a lot of theit stuff, mainly because I don't think its that widely available in the UK but I hope some of their stuff does get shipped over here, so if you're going to stock it, please let me know! Look out for their new collections, Sidewalks and Farmhouse with lovely vintage images, check it out below.............

Well thats about it for today but I'm sure I'll have a few more updates as more videos are uploaded, still waiting for paperclipping! I hope that gives you a little insight into some new products that are being released and an idea of the types of crafting we are interested in, just in case you have no idea what CHA is. Only 1 day left to get ready for our vintage scrapbook workshop, I think we are just about getting there. I should be back tomorrow with a wedding scrapbook update.

Until next time..........

Sue & Sarah

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