Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Flower Power

Hey bloggers, I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather that summer's should be made of, not sure how long its going to last though. Anyway, today's post is about how to make a grungepaper flower which are a perfect embellishment for any project and saves the cost of buying flowers from craft stores. However you would need to have the required equipment first, so if you don't have the following items, maybe buying flowers is still your best option.
You will need, (1) a Tim Holtz Vagabond Machine or equivalent Sizzix machine, needs to be able to take the Bigz Dies (2) Tattered Florals die cut (3) Grungepaper Sheets

Step 1:
Firstly you will need to stick your preferred decorative paper onto 6" x 12" grungepaper. Make sure you glue the entire sheet, not just the edges, because when you cut the flowers out they may be in the middle so if you don't glue the middle the paper will start to come off once the flowers have been cut.
Leave to dry for about 30 mins

Step 2:
Next get your tattered florals die cut and cut out the flowers on your Vagabond Machine or equivalent Sizzix machine.

Step 3:
Once the flowers are cut out, you will notice that you get 4 flowers. In this example I am using the two biggest flowers. Working on the biggest of the two, you will want to turn it over so that the patterned side is facing downwards. You will then take each petal in turn and start by pinching the edge inwards and then rolling it until you get to the centre of the flower. Repeat with each petal.

Step 4:
Once you have rolled all of the petals turn the flower over and put your finger in the centre to press it down, this will flatten out the petals.

Step 5:
Next, take the smaller flower and this time, pattern side up, pinch the edge of the petal and begin to roll into the centre of the flower. Repeat with each petal.

Step 6:
Once you have rolled each petal, take this flower and place it on top of the larger one. Before adhering them together you could add some distress ink to give the flowers some colour and on the largest flower you could add a bit of black to the edges to define them.

Step 7:
Once you have achieved your desired look, layer the flowers on top of each other and add either a button or a brad to the centre and stick them altogether. Then adhere to your project. The more ornate the button is, the more effective it will look.

Using the two smaller flowers that are also cut out using the die cut you can apply the same techniques and also layer them on top of the larger flower, this adds more dimension to your flower.

There are so many possibilities with these grungepaper flowers and they only take a few minutes to put together, so have some fun!

Until next time..................

Sue & Sarah

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