Wednesday, 22 February 2012

An amazing TSV

For all you bloggers that know QVC language you would know that TSV stands for Today's Special Value and once again they pulled it out the bag yesterday. As soon as we found out Tim was going to be on QVC, me and mum guessed that his book was likely to be the TSV because two years he did exactly the same thing with the first edition. So obviously at 12am when the show aired live we picked up the phone to order our copy which should get to us by the end of March!!! It was so inspirational to watch Tim demo throughout the day with all his products and of course you had to be quick because within two minutes the products were selling out. Luckily for me my cold had developed into quite a nasty cold so I could fortunately snuggle up on the couch all day and watch US craft day from dawn til dusk. Another good hour was Anna Griffin who had some gorgeous products, however I was too late for some items because just like Tim, her items were selling out before your eyes. Just goes to show us British crafters love to shop, such an adrenalin rush!

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