Monday, 27 August 2012

Giant Flea Market Finds

Good morning bloggers. We have now returned from our mini vintage getaway and I think it was definitely worth the trip. The Giant Flea Market at Shepton Mallet was absolutely huge and we didn't even make it all the way round as there was just so much to look at. Since we didn't really go to the flea market with a clear idea of what we were looking for it was hard not to look at what every stall had to offer. However half way through the day I realised that I wanted to focus on vintage Disney memorabilia and walked away with quite a few treasures.
First up was the ViewMaster and some Disney reels to go inside it. I managed to get hold of Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland. I've got a feeling this could turn into a bit of an addiction! These can either be saved to keep viewing back to or I can use them as decorations for scrap projects or for my mini configuration boxes. Total cost: £9
Next up, I found a cute little Mickey figurine which I already have plans for as this little mouse can sit in my Disney configuration box. Perfect. Cost:£2
On the look out for toy stalls and vintage memorabilia, the next treasure I found were some Disney snap cards which have really gorgeous vintage imagery of the Disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Snow White and Donald Duck. Not sure what I might use these for yet but they are such a cute size that I could use them on a variety of small and large crafting projects. Cost:£1
My final find was a lovely 1960s Disney Biscuit tin which I managed to get for £16. The imagery going round the tin includes Peter Pan, Snow White, Bambi and many others. This tin will look perfect on my shelf in the craft room, storing all sorts of bits and bobs. Probably my favourite find of the day.
I did find a lovely collection of Cinderella 1950s French postcards (set of 15) which I did fall in love with, however I didn't fall in love with the price, as it was a bit out of my league costing £80. I did manage to knock the stall holder down to £60 however I felt that was still a little extravagant. Oh well there is always Ebay.
So what did mother buy.............
Well lets start with the biggest and most expensive piece of the day which was a vintage till , costing £32 which is actually quite a bit of a bargain as the till was in excellent condition and came with an instruction set and key. We are still wondering where to display this beauty at home, somewhere between the kitchen and the craft room at the moment.
Next up is a beautiful teapot which we really did need to complete our collection of this tea set. We already had the teacups, saucers and plates so this teapot would be an added bonus to our beautiful collection. And it wasn't bad at £22.
A few last bits that mum picked up was a box full of embroidery transfers, costing £3, not sure what we might do with those yet but the box is so decorative that it will look lovely on a shelf in the craft room for the time being.Mum also picked up some vintage flowers, trimmings and buttons which we can never have enough of.
All in all it has been a very successful weekend and I think Julie, our crafting enthusiast who joined us on the trip, was also very overwhelmed by the amount of vintage treasures we came across. She also went home with a lot of goodies, though we were very well behaved as we all managed to fit in the car comfortably on the way home!

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