Monday, 21 January 2013

CHA Catch Up

So CHA Winter is over again for another year but there have been some fabulous releases this year which I can't wait to get hold of. First of all I want to catch up with a few of my favourite items, including Jenni Bowlin. I will show a few of my favourite items and then will conclude with a video to let Jenni tell you herself about all her new products. It frustrates me that her items are not widely available so maybe an order from the US should be considered........

Photo Album Clear Stamp
Loving this stamp, so vintage and you can make your own mini albums to use on its own or to include in scrapbook or on a scrapbook page. Jenni has many more stamps just like this, such as grocer's list and writing book.

Vintage Mini Deck
Once again so vintage and perfect embellishments which are so good for writing notes on in scrapbooking and layering up to add more interest to your page.
Modern Mercantile - Paraphernalia Paper
Loving this double sided paper, perfect for vintage scrapbooks
Here's Jenni to let you see the rest of her new collections:
That's all for tonight but I will be back with a few more of my favourite videos from CHA Winter 2013. Though if you can't wait until then I would suggest you head over to Bluemoon Scrapbooking to check out their videos, brilliant!

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