Saturday, 20 April 2013

Vintage Bracelet Cuff

Hi bloggers, sorry for my absence over the past few weeks but I am glad to say I am back with some new vintage inspiration and today is about these beautiful vintage bracelet cuffs. I have been fascinated by these cuffs that I have come across on Pinterest and thought to myself that I needed to make one so I finally sat down in the craft room and put one of these glorious creations together. There are so many different designs you could do with this to match clothing or a theme you are looking for. I decided to keep it quite neutral so that it would fit in with my sort of style and could easily accessorize my blouses.

To fasten the back of the cuff I used buttons but you could also use poppers, which may be easier to do up when you are trying to fasten it with one hand! And they are pretty easy to make for even those of you with the most basic sewing skills. I have recently been improving my skills through experimentation and it may not look the neatest but it will do the trick for those ever changing fashion trends. Most of the layers were stuck in place with either fabric glue or a glue gun and then buttons and little tidy ups were fixed with a bit of hand sewing.

 Put your mark on what could be the next big fashion trend. We've already had the detachable collars, why not detachable cuffs. Get creative!

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