Monday, 30 September 2013

Ditto Scrapbooking

Morning Bloggers! So I have finally found the time to a) do a bit of scrapbooking and b) write a blog post that wasn't just about our workshops!

Ditto Scrapbooking (by Hampton Art) has allowed me to care less about the way I scrapbook. I wanted something that would let me pop a photo in place, add a few simple embellishments and then done. This is a 3 ring binder scrapbook that is meant for putting in those snaps we take everyday or every week/ every month. Now I have to be honest I'm not one for taking photos all the time but its something I want to start doing so that you could build up a scrapbook full of things you've done throughout the year.

Most of these scrapbooking ideas often uptight me with what to start with. So I thought lets start with an occasion to get me going - my Graduation.

As you can see from my pages I haven't gone over the top with embellishments I just chose a range of bits to work with, e.g. graduation sticker set, a paper borders set to frame images and create lines etc. I also wanted to fill the page with some text about what I was thinking and to remember what happened on the day. Now being a very neat person I had to type it up on a computer and then stick it in. If you're not bothered about being neat and have journal type handwriting then just write straight on the page.

 This style of scrapbooking is very different to my usual vintage style projects and its something that gives me a break from thinking vintage all the time. I am an over-thinker so Ditto scrapbooking has encouraged me to think less and just capture the memories on a page, otherwise I will never get round to scrapbooking these moments.

I got my Ditto Scrapbooking binder from Crafts U Love and I am now thinking of buying a few more bits to add to my collection. The pages kit you can get includes days of the week/photo & text pages and also little plastic photo holder pages which I have still yet to use. All these elements can also be used with Smashbook products.

Below is a video of some of the new Ditto elements and will give you a glimpse into the world of Ditto!

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