Monday, 13 July 2015

Wedding Series: Thank You Cards

Hi bloggers, today is the penultimate post in our Wedding Series and it's all about the thank you cards.

Even after the wedding is all over and done with there are still a few loose ends to tie up. Of course the main thing being getting those precious photos developed or waiting to see a preview of the photos from the photographer. Next thing to think about is the thank you cards so you can thank all those close friends and family for being a part of your special day.

In keeping with the vintage theme of the wedding I decided to design a postcard style for my sister's thank you cards with a photo of the happy couple on the front of the card. A photo thank you card is an excellent way of sending a photo memento to guests so as to avoid the many emails asking for a picture of the bride and groom!

The back of the postcard featured a vintage postcard design including the thank you message from the bride and groom. The right side of the postcard was left blank so that it could either be addressed and sent in the post as a postcard or they could choose to simply write the recipient's names and place the card in an envelope.

 So only one more post left in the Wedding Series which will provide you with two wedding card examples to use as inspiration if you fancy making a handmade card for an upcoming wedding.

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