Sunday, 16 August 2015

Altered Hanging Book Workshop Review

Hi bloggers, today we want to review our workshop from Saturday and as always it was a brilliant day with some fab results. As always we give everyone the same starting materials and then it's up to them to use their own creativity to put the elements together - with a bit of guidance inbetween. 

Everyone provided us with photos before the day so that I could age them on the computer and print them to the correct size for their book.  

I think it's fair to say that cutting into the book was a bit more hard going  than I initially thought but there was a chance to relax a bit afterwards whilst sticking every page together. Once all the necessary tasks were over with it was down to the decorating of the book with a montage of embellishments.

So..... time for the finished results!

Jen's Book

Joanne's Book

Jane's Book

Heidi's Book

Pauline's Book

Mag's Book

Carol's Book

Chris's Book (unfinished)

I think you will definitely agree that everyone's book looked fantastic and I always love how everyone puts their own individual flair to the project. It was also lovely to see a travel inspired theme in Jane's book as she reminisced her trip to India. It just shows that you can use this project to scrapbook any event from weddings and holidays to old family memories.Seeing people's old family photos was also a highlight of our day and to learn about their family's history.

As always we put on a scrumptious lunch and plenty of tea and cake to keep everyone refreshed! We want to thank everyone for coming and if you're ever interested in attending one of our workshops just keep an eye out on our workshop page for the next project, we would love to meet you!

In the meantime, if you fancy scrapbooking old memories, look no further than an old book!

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