Wednesday, 16 December 2015

12 Days of Christmas Day 4: Christmas Craft Party

What better way to celebrate this festive time of year then throwing a Christmas Craft Party. For us this was the highlight of the year and definitely had to be included in our countdown to Christmas.

This year we decided to throw our crafter's a Christmas party, but not just any party, a craft party! The party was set to include scrumptious food and drink, party games, a Secret Santa Surprise and of course a mini Christmas craft project! We've managed to gather up some photos from everyone who came to give you a brief overview of the fun that was had by all.

The house was decorated from head to toe to make it feel all Christmassy, even the bathroom had some flowers and Christmas lights!

We had some gorgeous festive treats made by my talented baker of a sister, Joanne, with snowman macaroons, cookies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate lollies and more. We even had some delicious donations made by our guests including a large victoria sponge cake, chocolate chip shortbread and some gingerbread.

The first of our party games was a bit of a creative challenge. Each person was given a paper plate and a pen and were told a list of instructions to draw a Christmas scene, however they had to draw the image onto the plate on top of their head. This created quite a few giggles and even more so when they saw the final result. However we did emerge with a winner - and the secret to winning is all in adding some decorations to your tree!

Throughout the night, our guests had the chance to make a beautiful hanging heart decoration. We placed bowls of lace, bows and pre-stamped images so that all they needed to do was decide how they wanted to decorate their heart and then stick it down. 

To thank everyone for their continuous support we wanted to give everyone a little something, so hidden inside each pack was a ticket with a number on that related to a present that we had presented in a suitcase as shown below....

To continue with the gift giving theme we asked everyone if they wanted to take part in our Secret Santa Surprise which involved them bringing a present that was either handmade or a craft related item to put in Santa's sack. Everyone then picked out a number from Santa's hat that corresponded to a present. This was a lovely way to bring everyone together and show off some of their skills they had learnt throughout the year.

Andrea and Aileen with their Secret Santa gifts.

To finish off the night we played a last game of pass the parcel with a circle as big as the length of the room!

Hidden away within the layers were a mixture of chocolate coins and also some scratch card tokens with money off their next workshop.

I have to say that this party was some of the most fun I have had in a long time and was such a pleasure to organise. We want to thank everyone who came as their support means so much to us as we wouldn't be able to do what we do without them.

I'll finish off with a few other pics from the night. If you have ever thought about throwing a Christmas party for your crafty group of friends then make sure you do as it's such a fun night and whip out those classic party games as we are all still young at heart!

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