Monday, 5 September 2011

Oh how you make me cry with laughter

So I don't think we have ever made a post about something non craft or vintage related, but since we are not creative all the time I thought we could make more posts about some of our other interests.
So on Saturday night we found ourselves heading to Brighton Centre accompanied by my sister and her boyfriend to see the comedy genius that is Lee Evans and each time we see him we have to say that it was the best £30 we have ever spent. Suffering from belly aches and jaw aches at the end of the show, you know you've seen something legendary! For anyone who is still waiting to see him on tour (and I must say there are many dates! Approx 66!) you are in for a real treat. And for any reason you think you might need a warm up then definitely make sure you get there at least 30 mins before the show starts to view the Lee Evans compilation, that will get you going good. Roll on November 21st so I can get my hands on the DVD!

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