Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sometimes you just need a moment

So, I made a few promises last time that September was the beginning of a change and that I would make more regular posts and especially last week I was going to keep you up to date with some techniques. Well all was hunky dory until one of my trusty laptops got infected with a nasty virus which was easy to use when uploading photos to the blog. So having to deal with those problems I have been some what distracted for the past few weeks and I would like to say today is the beginning of change again but I'm not sure I want to commit to that. What I will say is that me and mum are excited to be attending a craft fair at Onslow in Guildford which will be commencing from 9.30am til 1.30pm so if you're in the area then pop on down to buy yourself something unique. It is also getting closer to our September Spectacular Saturday workshops so fingers crossed all will go well. With lots to do I better scarper!

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