Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Vintage Pocket Pillow

This beautiful vintage pocket pillow was created by the mother as a gift for a colleague at work and I think it will definitely be added to our portfolio of products that we may sell at future craft fairs, so watch this space for updates on latest craft fair events.

These pillows are a beautiful way to recycle old bits of lace and old petticoats and look amazing draped around the bottom of a pillow. I can imagine how pretty this would look on a vintage bedspread.

And don't forget to add a big of glamour, this piece was originally an earring from Primark so an absolute bargain and it looks amazing dangling down from the top of the pocket. Finishing touches of a vintage postcard make the pocket stand out.

Alongside the pocket pillow, mum also gave an alternative to a Birthday card, in the form of a Birthday heart decoration and wrapped up a lovely vintage necklace in a bit of tissue wrap, encased in a decorated matchbox, check them out below:

Well all thats left to say is Happy Birthday to Katie for last week and I hope you enjoy your pressies!

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