Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spitalfields London

Hi bloggers, the sun is now shining on this Saturday afternoon in March and I am going to report back to you on a day filled with vintage inspiration. As you may have guessed from the title, we have been up to Spitalfields Market in London today, which is now becoming my favourite spot in London. Judy's Vintage Fair was at Spitalfields today and there is just so many stalls with lots of vintage goodies and charms. I will share with you some of the photos of the day and our bargains that we bought which are going to be the basis of two new projects we can't wait to get started on.

Some of my favourite shops on the way to the market

 If you love unique clothing, definitely check out Traffic People opposite the market, really nice clothes!

Now onto our vintage treasures

Vintage Shoes - £5
I have been looking for some really cheap old fashioned shoes for a project I've had in mind for ages and these were pulled out of a £5 junk trunk. Not sure when I will get round to altering them for my project but as soon as I do it will be posted.

Make-up compact - £5
Another great find was this old compact which again is going to come in handy for another project we have had in mind. The beautiful design on the front is still intact and all we need to do is scrape the make up out of it and a bit of a clean up. If you are looking for an old compact, definitely don't be put off if there is make-up still inside as it will scrape out easily and is a great way to bag a bargain.

 Glass container - £7.25
Now this container may not be exactly vintage but it does look very kitsch and was picked up at 'Source' featured at the top of the page. Very good shop for picking up a few unique bits and pieces for the home.

Brooches - 2 for £5
Perfect for adorning on a handmade cushion or other fabricated projects and a must buy at these vintage fairs.

Vintage Postcard - £1.00
I always use to get frustrated when mum spent ages looking over these vintage postcards but now I can see why, as you can find some really beautiful images and they are perfect to use on all types of vintage projects. And remember to photocopy the image so you can use it time and time again.

Even though we didn't buy from these vendors, I would highly recommend you visit these websites if you like vintage accessories:

 After our relaxing meander around Spitalfields we hopped on a bus to Holborn to visit Blade Rubber Stamps and for anyone who hasn't visited it, it is definitely a must if your on the hunt for some crafting inspiration in London as it is filled with Stampington books that we just drool over. Between us we bought three new books and its been hard taking our eyes off them. If you've never bought a Stampington book before you are missing out and I would highly recommend them. They are a bit of an outlay at £13.99 per book but you can revisit these books time and time again to renew your inspiration. And there is not much out there in terms of magazines and books for vintage crafters so I can only suggest you go out and buy one. They are not easily available so I would suggest Blade Rubber Stamps or Stamp Attic to buy them. You can also preview what is in each issue on the Stampington & Company website.

Well that was our day and I now face the reality of being back in Crawley with a pile of university work calling my name but we will be back in London soon!

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