Monday, 8 July 2013

Vintage Masquerade Mask

Hi bloggers, well it has definitely been a hectic couple of weeks. I've been prepping for upcoming workshops and also a last minute craft fair that occurred on Saturday so I can now finally update the blog with some projects I have been creating in the meanwhile.

This beautiful masquerade mask has been made using lace, old crochet doilies, feathers and gold diamantes. In preparation for my vintage mardi gras party in October I wanted to get started on an example for my friends to see and also start thinking of a colour theme I wanted to dress in myself. As usual I have stuck to quite muted colours, using creams, soft oranges and golds which makes it quite easy to work with most outfits.

I bought the plastic mask from The Works for only 99p and even though it comes with a ribbon to tie around the head, I may add a piece of wooden dowling so that I can hold it up to my face instead.

Here is a glimpse of what it looks like on.....

(Excuse the almost deathly stare! I think I should have looked down, might have not looked quite as menacing!)

These masks are great little projects to make at parties and if you don't have much vintage lace or material, a bag of feathers and some paint will do. Check out Pinterest to gather a few more ideas on how you could decorate a masquerade mask.

Have you made any masquerade masks, what materials did you use?

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