Friday, 20 December 2013

Day 8: Christmas Wrapped Up

For us crafters, Christmas is sometimes more about what the present looks like on the outside rather than what the present actually is. So why not get creative this year with your wrapping and make the whole experience of gift giving a much more rewarding chore.

Personalise your wrapping

Putting names on tags can get a bit tiresome and I'm sure everyone has been in those situations where you have a whole bag of gifts to give out and you are having to struggle to open the tags to remind yourself who each gift belongs to. Why not put a photo of the recipient on their gift, making it easier to see who the gift is for and also jazzing up the look of your present altogether.

It could also be a photo of a memory you share from that year and what better way to remind them then by putting it on the front of their gift. This year I'm using photos I took from last Christmas to jazz up family gifts - make the experience more exciting!

Lace and Decorations

Make use of old decorations or buy a cheap pack of new ones to add some sparkle and glamour to gifts this year. This present features a glitter gold bauble, making the appearance look extra special. It can also count as an additional gift.

Or how about a glitter snowflake.

These beautiful presents above were delivered to me today by my sister and I love her use of lace on top of the gold paper with the added accents of ribbon and decorations. Not only am I excited to see whats inside the present but I can also be delighted by how they look for the next few days leading up to Christmas.

Don't make gift wrapping a chore this year, give someone more than just a present, even if it is just a pair of socks!

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