Sunday, 21 June 2015

Wedding Series: Bridal Shower Invitations

Hi bloggers, so this post may seem a little out of sync in the Wedding Series as I was suppose to include this in my last post but instead of updating the post I thought why not do a post about the Bridal Shower invitations on their own. So here goes...

For the Bridal Shower invitations I used a design software called 'Craft Artist Professional' - which is amazing by the way, especially if you are more of a crafter then a designer. You can download lots of digital kits to the program and then design anything you want. So armed with this amazing piece of software I decided to design the invitations on the computer.

The invitations are made out of two parts:- a pocket envelope and a postcard invite. I made the template for the pocket envelope on the computer and printed it out with the phrase. I also used another piece of amazing technology called the 'Minc Machine' by Heidi Swapp. This baby can help you add foiling detail to your design if you print it from a laser printer!! That last bit of information is vital as the foiling will only work with toner from a laser printer.

The second part of the invitation was the postcard which I also added foiling detail to to highlight the lace border and also my sister's name. This part of the invitation also included the important information of who, what, when and where.

I finished the whole design off with some peachy coloured ribbon matching perfectly with the colours in the design.

Please stay tuned in the Wedding Series on the blog for inspiration on venue decoration, bouquets and buttonholes, cake design and thank you cards.


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