Sunday, 7 June 2015

Wedding Series: Save the Dates & Invitations

Hi bloggers, today I am starting the Wedding Series on the blog, which will be a series of inspirational posts of different ideas and creations from both the Wedding and the Hen Party. So let's get started today with the Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations as that is a starting point for most couples once they have set a date.

For the Save the Date my sister wanted me to design a ticket postcard including the basic information (most importantly the date!) with a vintage style to the ticket. I designed the ticket on the computer and matched the size of the design to a ticket die cut (Memory Box) that I had in my craft stash which helped give the design its rounded corners with the punched out semi-circles on the side. If you don't have access to a die cut you could also use a circle punch and corner punch to create this effect. This design could also be enhanced with some extra aging effects by adding some distress ink or by roughing up the edges. The design could also be foiled as well if you have access to a foiling machine.

Now for the main invitation.....

The main invitation consisted of two parts:- the main card wrapped with doilies that outlined the essential details of the day including the names, date, time and venue details. This was also wrapped withe the RSVP tag. The second part of the invitation was a Pocket Envelope which included extra instructions, e.g. maps and directions, plus details on wedding gifts.

Once again I designed most of the invitation on the computer and used a doily die cut (Cheery Lynn) to wrap around the card.

I created the template for the pocket envelope on the computer and printed it on textured Kraft cardstock. I also designed the maps on the computer as well, including small icons to denote the wedding venue and parking facilities. Designing your own maps can be fiddly but I recommend using the pen function on your design software and trace over a map to get the basic shape right and then add arrows and instructions to clarify how to get from A to B. I also included a 3x4 card with instructions on Wedding Gifts. Since Joanne and Ben already live together and have most of the household items they need they wanted to request a contribution to their honeymoon - therefore we came up with a little ditty that instructed guests perfectly........

"We know its traditional to write a list,
But in this case there is a slight twist,
Our house is styled nice and pretty,
So we ask you donate to the honeymoon kitty,
But the most important thing to say,
Is that you are there to celebrate our day"

There are lots of websites to help you write such poems as the one above and in this case we used a combination of poems to come up with this one. The two lines in the middle are our own though - which we are quite proud of!

Making your own invitations can be quite time consuming but it is very rewarding and I think it is one of those occasions where we all want to get creative. It can also be an effective way of keeping costs down especially if you are on a budget. 
That being said I have been thinking about venturing into the Wedding Invitation industry so if you have liked what you have seen in this blog post, please feel free to get in touch and I would happily give you a quote for designing some wedding invitations for you, whether that be just Save the Date cards or main invitations or to talk about ideas.

Stay tuned on the blog for more posts in the Wedding Series including Hen Party ideas, venue decorations, bouquet design and more!

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