Friday, 13 May 2016

Photo Booth Frame Workshop

It's finally here..... the first workshop of 2016.

I've been working overtime to try and get this project finished so I could share it with you all and announce the dates as we are so excited to be hosting a workshop again!

All the details can be found on the Workshops page or click here.

Check out a few up close photos for a better look at the colour options and what you will be creating on the day!

 Shabby Chic colour option

Vintage colour option

 Whichever colour option you choose you will create a fabulous project and with the incorporation of a vintage photobooth style photo you will add some great character and fun to the project.

To photobooth your photos, go to and follow the instructions.

 We hope your as excited as we are about this new workshop and look forward to seeing you all soon!


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