Wednesday, 25 January 2017

to new beginnings

happy new year bloggers and welcome to 2017!

so 2016 didn't exactly pan out how we wanted it too which would explain the long spell of absence from the blog and our facebook page but fingers crossed that will stay a bit more updated this year.

we have lots of ideas that we want to inspire you with by hosting workshops and craft retreats and have already pencilled in a workshop for February - don't worry - details will follow shortly. the finishing touches are being made and as soon as its finished you can bet an email will be coming your way!

for now here is a little sneaky peek to give you an idea of the project....

as you can see this project is a start to keeping us organised for the year ahead!

to keep the blog updated more often I'm going to try and focus on doing little and often blog posts so I'm keeping this short and sweet for today and look forward to seeing some of you soon!

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