Friday, 6 July 2018

Resizing Photos for the Journal Album Workshop

So this post is mainly for those of you attending our next craft workshop - 'Journal Album'. On many occasions I've been asked about how to resize photos quickly and easily so you can print them out at home. We like to use photos in quite a lot of our projects so this post will definitely come in handy. 

I have created two videos to show you how to resize and crop photos in Mac Pages and also Microsoft Word.

For those of you coming on the class please watch both videos as I do cover some handy tips about portrait and landscape photos in both so might be worth a watch even if you don't have one or the other.

I apologise for the creaky chair in the background and the slight wobble to the camera every now and then, this video lark is new to me :)

1. Resizing and cropping photos in Mac Pages

2. Resizing and cropping photos in Microsoft Word

I hope you have found these videos useful and can come to the workshop prepared with your photos.

Any questions please do not hesitate to email me :)

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