Thursday, 23 June 2011


Finally, the day has come to start our blog (which we have been meaning to create for sometime now). Whilst on holiday in Cornwall seemed like the perfect time to start and after having an inspiring day at St. Ives we are now ready to share our vintage journey with all you bloggers out there. Well, all in all it has been quite an interesting holiday, finding little antique and junk stores to rummage through to salvage and upcycle for future projects. Most of our findings will be shared with you over the next couple of days. Since we are new at this blogging stuff, please be patient with us and expect changes to the blog as we experiment with new designs until we are fully satisfied with the result. Trust me, it took long enough to decide on a blog title! Before we leave you today, here are a few photo snaps of our glorious day at St. Ives. Until next time......
Sue & Sarah
Looking through the streets of St. Ives
Harbour seal that came close up to the harbour at St. ives
A yummy little vintage boutique on the corner of St. Andrews Street, St. Ives

St. Ives harbour

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