Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dress Up your Lampshade

Hi bloggers, our next workshop is finally here and its a chance for you to dress up your lampshade with lace, frills and charms to create a unique lighting accessory. This project is so much fun and after finishing off my lampshade which is featured in  the picture above I just know everyone is going to love it.
The lampshade can either be started from scratch by stripping down an old classic lampshade and then adding material and lace to cover the lampshade. Or you can use a more modern lampshade and add material on top. I have to say, starting from scratch is most fun and you can start with a completely blank canvas and just add pieces in wherever looks best. Once the base of the lampshade is covered you can then think about adding flowers made out of fabric and hang charms around the edge of the lamp. This class doesn't include the base of the lampshade and the one in the picture is from Wilkinsons (£14) which makes the perfect finishing touch. I've included some photos below to give you a closer look and have also added the invitation details and instructions. If you would like to attend, please do not hesitate to get in touch and there are approximately 10 places available.

Also check out our facebook page for more details and you can RSVP to this class through facebook as well.

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