Sunday, 17 June 2012

Perfect St Ives Day

A unexpected glorious sunny day greeted us this morning and we knew that this was the perfect day to visit St Ives. The early morning birds that we are, left the apartment at about 8.45am to make the most of the day because the earlier you get to St Ives the more beautiful and serene it is. After a relaxing cup of tea at The Hub along the harbour we ventured around the shops to see what we could find. We were in luck as Beatengreen Vintage Boutique was open today and we found a few beautiful bits, including a lampshade that may come in handy for our next workshop (be sure to check out the details from our previous post). In the picture below you will see the brooches and trims as well as a beautiful vintage flower print, perfect for covering a panel on a lampshade.
Not only have we been exploring the shops today but when we came back later this afternoon mum finished off her Melissa Frances Christmas house which will be such a cute workshop come Christmas time (watch this space), no time like the present to begin prep for seasonal projects. In the meantime I'm finding it difficult filling my Smash book due to my perfectionist nature, however as the week goes by and I become more relaxed my creative juices may flow once more.

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