Saturday, 9 June 2012

New iPad, New products!

Hi bloggers, I am reporting from my new iPad which is totally awesome! We needed a new gadget to take with us on our trip to Cornwall so that we didn't have to bring the bulky laptop and hopefully we will be able to blog on the move as long as there is an Internet cafe as I only bought the wifi version. Anyway not only did I buy an iPad today but we also ventured over to Crafts U Love to buy some essentials before we went away. I have to say I didn't plan to buy anything yet ended up spending £42, which is very good considering we bought quite a lot of stuff but we did have the added advantage of mum's store discount, yay. Anyway I have to show you this new collection of scrap products from K & Company, which is called "SMASH". It's a scrap journal and you can get lots of accessories to go in it, so I did! There are 3 sizes of journals, small, medium and large and they have a range of themes because the pages all have printed designs on them, from wedding and baby to funky retro or Eco and scribble.

I bought the Eco version because the designs fitted what I would be scrap booking whilst on our holiday. Each journal comes with a pen and glue stick which is all in one, so handy.

I also bought some pockets, tape, page tabs and a list pad but there is lots of accessories to choose from. It you want a better look then I would head over to Crafts U Love quickly because it is becoming very popular.

I also bought some Bo Bunny papers from their Weekend Market collection, which are a beautiful collection of vintage papers, including rulers, suitcases and other antique images. Mum also bought a few bits but since she has started her new job at Crafts U Love she seems to be coming home with a pile of bits every week, which I'm not complaining about.

I hope to fit in a few more posts before we set off on our travels to Cornwall, probably with the finished lampshade, only got the finishing touches to go and then it will be complete.

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