Monday, 3 June 2013

Brighton Inspiration

So since university is now over and finished with I am a free bird and since the weather was also sunny, I thought why not have a meander around the Brighton lanes to spark off some creative inspiration.

My first stop was Bluebelle & Co. I have visited this shop on many occasions on my visits to the Brighton lanes and absolutely love the collection of products they have, specifically those designed by Disaster designs as they are so vintage and adorable and on this visit I simply couldn't resist buying something.

Love Letters Make Up Bag - £16.99

The detail on the front and back of these designs are so beautiful and it took me ages to decide which design to buy and what item to buy. I must have been in the shop at least half an hour. But finally I chose this make-up bag, whether I will be using it for make-up is another story altogether but for now it will just sit on my dresser to be admired.

A visit to the lanes would not be complete without a browse around Snooper's Paradise, which is a must see for any vintage fan who loves to meander around old bits and bobs, you could find absolutely anything in here. I managed to find a couple of old postcards that will definitely be put to good use in some future projects.

There were many other items that almost tempted me but the reminder that I was going to get the train home made me cautious to how big an item I could physically carry home.

One final mention is for a shop called Silverado, who sell the most stunning collection of jewellery by a range of different designers. Their prices were a little over my budget today but I have to say my favourite piece would have to be this gold bicycle necklace, but at £210, its a little out of my league for now. Definitely worth a browse though!

 Before going back home I did venture into the hustle and bustle of the city centre, although I wasn't too impressed with the selection of clothes available in most stores. Now I don't usually comment about fashion on the blog but it is part of how we express our creativity but at the moment I am having such a tough time finding any items that I actually like. Perhaps its time to start making my own clothes, eek, would have to learn how to sew!


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