Sunday, 23 June 2013

Vintage Follie's 2nd Birthday

Hi bloggers, well we have officially made it to two years and it has been a fantastic ending to a great week. Even though today was not full of big celebrations or vintage outings we did have some chill out time and made this beautiful homemade marble cake as a celebratory dessert. Lovely!


I haven't had time to post about our last day in St Ives but if you follow us on Facebook you would have seen how beautiful the weather turned out to be which made it even harder for us to drive home! I took lots of photos to share with you so sit back and take in the beauty that is St Ives, Cornwall.









We've had a fantastic time over the best week and have come back renewed and refreshed and ready for another year of creativity, workshops and lots more exciting adventures and vintage trips. We would like to thank everyone for their support, those that have attended our workshops, family, friends and of course our followers and anyone who has been inspired by the blog. We hope to keep you inspired for many more years to come.





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