Monday, 10 June 2013

Wedding Trinket

So today was suppose to be about tidying up the craft room, however when you are surrounded by craft it is definitely hard to resist sitting down and making something. When my eye caught a glimpse of a page in a Somerset Memories book I simply couldn't resist and I had to get out the tools and create.

This beautiful trinket features my best friend Bobbie on her wedding day and I think it may be a future present if she catches sight of this post as I'm sure she will want to have it. These trinkets are perfect for capturing a memory or a moment in time and can easily be worn as a necklace as well. Though I think they are quite precious and look much prettier hanging amongst jewellery or even underneath a lampshade (which is where this beauty is hanging until a certain someone's birthday).

It could also be added to some wrapping around a present, instead of using a tag attach one of these trinkets.

They are very easy to make and I am very tempted to make it a project for one of my upcoming classes, so watch this space.

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