Saturday, 17 May 2014

Our Home away from Home

It seems like the only time I get to post these days is when we have a workshop coming up or when we come back to our home away from home...... Porth in Cornwall.

We are on our annual trip to Cornwall and it feels so good to finally feel a bit relaxed (at least more so than usual) and take some time out for ourselves. Obviously our creative buzz never dies and I have packed a bag full of different projects I would like to attempt whilst on this break but all I'm going to say is...we'll see! I'm also feeling a digital buzz at the moment and want to try a bit of designing and maybe some digital scrapbooking.

At least we can be sure that we will be creative for a full 3 hours this week as we are visiting our favourite craft shop down here in Mullion, called Scrapbook Magic. We've booked a workshop with Margaret and will definitely be showing you our creations from the day.

For now though I am going to say goodnight as its been a long day of travelling and after seeing my beautiful sunset over Porth Cove, I can now rest my eyes and wait to see what tomorrow brings....

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