Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rainy Day Blues

So today didn't bring us sunshine or much inspiration and the weather was so bleak that I didn't feel like taking any photos so you're probably thinking why am I even writing a post. Well today wasn't a complete waste of blogging space as we did have quite a nice walk around Penzance, despite the drizzle and the rain.

We had a stroll around the local charity shops, where mum did pick up another brooch to add to her collection and also a set of sherry glasses that would make great little vases to pop around the house during Spring/Summer. Sorry I don't have a picture to share - not that prepared tonight. We also found some great antique shops along Chapel Street, one in particular, called Steckfenster's has an amazing collection of vintage suitcases, boxes, comic books, clothing and so on. Worth a look round and the prices are really fair. We almost fell in love with a vintage toy truck that we've been on the hunt for but it wasn't quite right for what we wanted.

Whilst researching a bit of info about Penzance for this blog post I came across this video which I am including as a substitute for my missing photos from the day. This is what we may have experienced on a nice sunny day but you can get the feel of the town and what you can find if you visit.

At the moment tomorrow is forecasted for more rain so we're not sure where the day will take us....

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