Monday, 19 May 2014

Sailing into Falmouth

Ok, so we didn't actually sail into Falmouth as the title suggests but if you wanted to go sailing you could and you can even have lessons to learn how to sail but we didn't do any of that I'm afraid, just a bit of leisurely shopping and photo taking.

This beautiful seaside resort is full of chic little shops and boutiques, each with its own unique style and taste. You will also find your average High Street stores as well for buying your everyday essentials. Always worth checking out the local charity shops to see if you can find any hidden treasures, however this time we were not in much luck of finding much treasure.

Although if you're looking for a treasure trove of cake then Annie's Kitchen is the place to go! You name the type of cake you want you can guarantee they are more than likely to have it. Ringing off about 20 different varieties of cake made fresh that day, the waitress definitely knew her cake! I settled for a delicious brownie whilst mum had a huge slab of Coffee and Walnut cake, not by choice, that was the portion size, very generous indeed!

The hazy sunshine continued into the afternoon and to make the most of the unexpected dry day we were experiencing we took the opportunity to visit St Michael's Mount in Marazion.

Depending on your preferred method of transport you may want to check tide times before you visit the mount. Since I'm not favourable of a boat ride we made sure to arrive in good time while the concourse was open to walk across to the island. Over the cobbled pathway you will need to pay very close attention to where you put your footing as it does make for a very uneven service. Once across to the island we took a while to gaze back across to land whilst sitting on a bench and then continued to visit the gift shop, full of little souvenirs from the Mount.

If you have extra time then take a little wander around the streets of Marazion to explore some of the little shops and cafes. Sometimes its nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the big towns and every now and then you pass a tiny lane looking out towards St Michael's Mount, beautiful!

Where will tomorrow take us, well that all depends on the weather......

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