Sunday, 25 May 2014

Vintage Textile Market in Othery

Good Morning bloggers! We finally arrived back home from our trip to Cornwall yesterday afternoon. We've barely been home 24 hours and we are already making our conservatory into a seaside haven! Absolutely loving the nautical theme!

Anyway I wanted to summarise our purchases from the Vintage Textile Market in Othery, Somerset. This little village hall housed a range of tables with people selling their vintage fabrics, lace and trims all at very good prices. Though I have to say the main feature was of course The Washerwoman's Table. There were tables full of vintage materials, baskets of lace, old patterns and even old woodblock stamps. Many baskets were labelled with 50p per item or £1 an item so we did stock up a little bit. Take a look at our treasures below...

As you can see an abundance of lace and trims. Below summarises a few other purchases of lace from other stallholders...

You'll probably wondering what we might make with all these gorgeous trims and we could probably say the same. Hopefully we will gather some ideas soon and then we just have to find the time to make them. But that is something I really want to try hard at for the rest of this year. I've had such a great time writing the blog this week and I really want to continue with it so I know all I need to do is make the time to write and also to craft as that might help me find something to write about.

These little textile markets are well worth the trip to go to them as you really do find some bargains compared to bigger events such as Ardingly or other big vintage fairs. The best place to keep informed of all textile fairs is The Washerwoman's blog, so keep an eye out.

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